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My mission is to feed people food to live for, not to die for! I am passionate about teaching others how to liberate themselves through food and share the abundance of options one can enjoy by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.


I became a chef because I love to eat delicious plant-based foods. I started in the kitchen at the age of eight with my mother and father (a professional chef, not a plant-based chef) and swore I'd never become a chef, never say never, lol!

I love culinary/chef competitions. In 2019 I was the grand prize winner of the Health Care Culinary contest, sponsored by Health Care Without Harm. In 2020 I won the Food Literacy Center Veggie of the Year Chef Champion contest. In 2021 I won the Food Literacy Center Veggie of the Year Peoples' Choice Award and I will continue to use my voice and actions through food education and cooking to help ensure that all adults and children have access to fresh and whole plant-based foods. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my 'Food To Live For' concept with you!


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